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I'm Dave - Founder of The Mellow Mat™. My wife and I have 2 energetic boys who love rough play. Problem was, they were always getting hurt on our tiles floors. We've had thick rugs and carpets, multiple kids play mats but nothing was really solving the problem. Rugs get dirty and are hard to clean; the kids play mats out there look childish and are usually really small.

So I created The Mellow Mat™ - It comes in various great colours and sizes to suit all spaces. It's a 30mm thick memory foam inner with a super soft and stain resistant covering. We've also given it a non slip bottom so it won't slide around. 

It's not just for kids. We're finding that adults actually prefer to sit on the floor when they have one of our Mellow Mats. 

Give one of our Mellow Mats a try. You won't regret it.


Kind regards.